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Redistribute, Cármen Lúcia

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There is a popular saying that informs us that haste is the enemy of perfection. In the manuals of the old typewriting courses there was a lesson which consisted of the student writing the word "CALM" numerous times. As it was a relatively complex task for those who did not yet have the mastery of keyboards, it usually went quite wrong. My teacher used to joke, stating that students never performed this lesson with the calmness required. This fact came to mind in the wake of some reactions to the death of Federal Supreme Court Justice Teori Zavascki, Lava Jato's rapporteur, in a recent air accident in the city of Paraty. Despite the fact that conspiracy theories do not give much scope - especially if we understand that there were, in fact, possible natural causes for the accident - many things still need to be carefully clarified about the episode, including information from the Federal Police itself that the aircraft would be monitored.

If, on the one hand, the rush is inimical to perfection, certain acts carried out by some political actors - especially those with a tail trapped in Operation Lava-Jet - are no less relievers. It is necessary to define, quite clearly, the real motivations of this "hurry" in the appointment of a new Lava Jato rapporteur. Even civil society entities that have been grinding the coup gear - as is the case with the OAB - have already stated in this regard, requiring that the substitute rapporteur be indicated as soon as possible, preferably among the members of the Supreme Court. What is said behind the scenes is that the OAB seems to send signals that it wants to disembark from this coup. Better late than never.

I think that scam artists work with some assumptions. One of them is that President Michel Temer appointed a new minister for that Court, obviously from the group's trust, and that the Lava Lato lawsuit should pass into his hands. This is the preferred hypothesis. The second hypothesis with which they work is that someone from the STF itself is nominated for the Lava Jato report, but that this indication falls on a name with the profile of that minister who acts with a more political rather than a "technical" stance and Does not want to hide his sympathy for the political group that plotted the overthrow of President Dilma Rousseff. Although your name appears on a list of possible nominees, we do not believe this hypothesis. It would be a lot of "flag", especially if we consider the fact that he continues with his secret meetings with authorities of the Palace of Jaburu.

The expectation of Brazilian society is that the Minister Carmen Lúcia redistributes the report among the members of the STF, since the name to be indicated by President Michel Temer is already under suspicion. Among the members of the STF, a name that has a profile to act in a republican way, which does not compromise the direction of the investigations of Operation Laja Jato, especially in what it refers to the "exemption" of the investigation of the facts involving the political actors, whether there Of what political quadrant, minimizing the conclusions that such an operation seems to have its preferential victims. Only then will appearances be saved. Otherwise, we will have more elements to feed the conspiracy theories surrounding the accident involving former Minister Teori Zavascki.

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