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Still the controversy surrounding the Pact for Life

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I have just read two texts about the Covenant for Life. Unfortunately, none of them on the real problems currently faced by this public security policy implemented in the first Government of Eduardo Campos, responsible for a sensitive reduction of violence rates in the state, in the capital and metropolitan region, and in the interior. The text of Eduardo Campo's former communication adviser, Evaldo Costa, was treated by José Luiz Ratton himself as a kind of "pamphlet", since it is lost in criticism of the paternity of the PPV, but does not enter into the merits of the Reasons for the de-structuring of such a policy, observed, among other indicators, in the levels of violence that have intensified in Pernambuco. The merit of the text of the former adviser Evaldo Costa is to reconstruct - with the privileged view of those who accompanied the whole process - the Pact for Life trajectory, since the first meetings in the mansion of Dois Irmãos. It is a pity that the reconstruction of this history has been used in the sense of "resizing" the role of UFPE researcher, José Luiz Ratton, in the construction of this public security policy.

As an addendum to readers' understanding, Evaldo Costa criticizes the fact that Professor José Luiz Ratton is presented as a sort of "mentor", father or mother of the Pact for Life. In between the lines, one can see a clear "discomfort" of the Field of the Princesses with the critics directed to the PPV by the researcher José Luiz Ratton that - in the condition or not of mentor, father or mother - in any hypothesis one can not deny its effective participation in The whole process of planning and designing the PPV, in conducting systematizer of the seminars, occupying the post of special adviser of the former governor for matters of public security. This question of being a father or a mother, then we ask for a paternity test in the Mouse Program. The concrete fact is that the UFPE researcher, to remember the also French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, built an expressive symbolic capital in the area of ​​public security in the country, reaching its conclusions quite resonance in society and among opinion makers. This, in fact, bothers the powerful on the turn.

This discussion, as it is being conducted, matters little to the population that lives with daily assaults on public transportation vehicles, trawlers in the historic site of Olinda, bank explosions and the like. The concrete fact is that the State of Pernambuco returned to bear indexes of violence comparable to the indexes prior to the years 2006/2007, before the implementation of the PPV. To say that things started to go backwards from 2013 - after Mr. Paulo Câmara took over the State Government - also does not constitute any untruth. To do so, it is enough to observe the negative curve in the statistics of monitoring the results of the PPV. With an eye on the succession of 2018, of course, the opposition undermines its flanks, pointing to the problem as a result of poor management of PPV. Perhaps recognizing the need for greater involvement with PPV, the governor himself, in announcing a set of measures aimed at containing these rates of violence, reported that he would assume the co-ordination of the Pact for Life.

In the end, it is observed that the socialist government of Paulo Câmara (PSB) decided to react to the harsh criticisms directed at this public security policy. Several political actors linked to the government are talking about the matter, in a clear demonstration of a change of strategy to face the criticisms of the opposition. In the last hours, Isaltino Nascimento and Evaldo Costa spoke on the subject. Not even the mantra that "everything is the PT's fault" has escaped these "defenses", in our modest understanding, a strategy that will not last until the 2018 elections. After all, the illegitimate government of Mr. Michel Temer assumed with the proposal of "To correct the course" of the government of the PT coalition. It needs to present concrete results and, to date, these results do not appear on the horizon.

Now, governor, when the researcher José Luiz Ratton says that the PPV died does it based on studies and researches. As studies and research appear to be on the decline in the stage of political authoritarianism that we face, the attempt to disqualify the teacher's work may be explained. This is not surprising in a country where the Justice Minister said we needed more weapons than research. The collective resignation of the counselors of the National Council of Criminal and Penitentiary Policy (CNPCP), amidst the crisis of the Brazilian prison system, arguing justification the neglect of Alexandre de Moraes with a long work done by counselors, where they would have been despised for many years Of debates, studies and research is yet another demonstration of the "logic" that will be adopted from now on. In authoritarianism mediocrity prevails.

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