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The incredible "performance" of a defense minister

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The relationship between civilians and militaries in Brazil has never been the best except under very special circumstances. The subordination of military power to civilian power - one of the pillars of the consolidation of democratic regimes - in Brazil has never been a utopia. The civil defense ministers are mere decorative figures, accepted in the military under well-known conditions. It is a serious misconception to imagine that military commanders submit to their orders, despite the sacred axiom of respect for hierarchy among them. There are some surprising appointments, but within an expected context, given the "relevance" of these appointments. At one point in the Lula administration, the former guerrilla of the Araguaia Guerrilla, José Genoíno, was appointed to a special advisory post in that folder. It is not well known that he could assist the military in guarding national defense and sovereignty, though we have every respect for his person. Even communists have already taken over that folder, although this is yet another indicator that our disoriented Communists are no longer afraid of anyone, least of all in the military.

As I said, since it is a purely decorative position, it matters little what the name is being assigned to that folder, since the command is even among military commanders. Even the minimum requirement of some affinity with questions of national defense is demanded of those who assume that portfolio. Perhaps because of this, the civilians who took over that ministry in the last few governments remained quite discreet in office. But, on the other hand, one can not deny the fact that this Government has some very particular characteristics. The choice of its members was not according to technical criteria, but political. With rare exceptions, political actors were chosen organically linked to the coup warp that culminated in the removal of President Dilma Rousseff. The payment of the booty. In this respect, it makes sense that a relatively small party like the PPS has two ministries in that Government: that of Culture and Defense.

There is a popular saying that tells us to shut the mouth to avoid mosquitoes. This seems to have been the strategy adopted by the last names that occupied that folder, except for the Pernambuco Raul Jungmann, who speaks by the elbows. Now if we do not understand a subject, prudence guides us to hear more than to speak. This primary care does not seem to be being followed by Minister Raul Jungmann, who often expresses himself on the issues, often extrapolating the competencies of his ministry and inferring on issues related to other folders, such as his last statement about construction Of a new prison in the state of Pernambuco. First, the fact that the construction of new prisons does not represent a solution to the serious crisis in our prison system. Then, because it is not his area of ​​competence, but the Ministry of Justice, commanded by Alexandre de Moraes.

We do not want to make a fool of ourselves here, but there is clear evidence that - if it was not he who suggested it - it seems at least reasonable to deduce that Mr. Raul Jungmann agrees with the entry of the Brazilian Armed Forces into prisons, whenever Requested. The enthusiasm with which he and President Michel Temer approach the subject leave no doubt about it. Michel Temer refers to the proposal as "bold". We would say that "bold" but deeply misleading. The entrance of arms, telephones and drugs in the prisons completely escaped to the control of the state entities. In fact, it is the public agents who, in some cases, facilitate the entry of weapons, drugs and cell phones into prisons. In order to have a dimension of this problem, the recent rebellion occurred in prison units of Bauru began from the seizure of one of those devices that were in the possession of one of the prisoners.

At first, without any demerit to the Brazilian Armed Forces, it does not seem to them that they are more competent to carry out such a task than the agents of the State who already perform this function. And what is observed? Soon after thorough scans, TV broadcasters display scenes of armed prisoners and usually talking through cell phones. Here in Pernambuco, as editor of a blog that deals with issues related to public security, we do not have the mobile number of a certain secretary of state. The "keychains" of the penitentiary complex of Aníbal Bruno have. Some prisoners from the Good Shepherd's Penal Colony were spotted at a New Year's Eve party fueled by cocaine use. There is nothing to suggest that the presence of the Armed Forces in Brazilian prisons could change this situation. On the contrary, it could aggravate it by widening the areas of conflict between detainees and state authorities.

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