quarta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2017

The massacre of Manaus

Not long ago, the country was surprised by a collective rape, committed in Rio de Janeiro. The event caused a great national commotion, with manifestations of diverse organized social groups of the civil society condemning the act and pointing the machismo and the misoginia of the Brazilian like one of probable causes of the act. In this regard, the Minister of Justice, Alexandre de Moraes, left with an "unusual solution", that is, to create a specific department in the Federal Police to deal with this issue. Why unusual? First, because we do not seem to be in the PF assignments to take care of this problem. Then, because it seems to indicate a "logic" of this government, which says that violence is combated with more police stations, more effective, more weapons and at the base of the club, building more prisons, arresting and hampering the mechanisms of mitigation of compliance with sentences . Which would not come as a surprise to someone who has stated that the country needs more weapons than research.

Today, in a local blog, a kind of official notice of the State Government was published, affirming that the priority for 2017 will be public safety and that Governor Paulo Câmara will personally commit to follow the actions of the Pact for Life. The note - the way it is written suggests this - informs that there will be hiring of police officers, vehicle acquisition, training etc. They are not measures that can be disregarded when it comes to public safety, but here is the record that this concept is far beyond a competition on who is better armed or equipped, whether the state police apparatus or the bad guys. At no time, for example, do I see the governor talking about the PPV management council, with the participation of civil society actors, in addition to the state actors directly responsible for the state public security complex, especially the penitentiary system, which Is at the bottom of the well. According to José Luiz Ratton - who, by the way, likes research, governor - the PPV management council was never installed. Not even in your best moments in the Pact for Life.

Minister Alexandre de Moraes's pronouncements also indicate that he would like to see more people incarcerated, fulfilling their sentences rigorously, without rights to any concession. On the floor of our political carriage, that maxim that said that the State is responsible for the physical integrity of the victims is only true for the international human rights entities, who are demanding from the Government of the Amazon a concrete satisfaction on the massacre of prisoners that occurred in that one State recently, which resulted in the death of 56 detainees, half of them beheaded. For a government that rips out the 1988 Constitution or the CLT of the workers, of fact, that may not even mean something.

In a context such as that which is present today in our prison system, one of the most urgent measures runs counter to the logic of the government's Minister of Justice, that is, it goes in the opposite direction, that of radical criminal change, with a noticeable decrease in the number of prisoners . The prison system has reached the bottom. The state has lost control, are managed by factions, which imposes its law and its order to the system, with the prerogative to decree the death penalty of the disaffected, a file that does not appear in our penal code. By decapitation, much less. What happened in Manaus is a clear example of what we are talking about. On a fine Sunday, the faction known as the Northern Family (NDF), similar in the north of the country, to the CPC and Red Comando factions, decided to avenge a rival faction and took the life of 56 inmates, without the State was able to move a straw to prevent the massacre.

It is appalling to admit this here, but massacres like what happened in Manaus are likely to occur in other places in the country. One day the government leader at ALEPE tried to hold the government of President Dilma Rousseff accountable for the country's security problems. If this citizen read today's edition of the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, he will learn that the Michel Temer government has reduced the transfers of resources to the new prisons by 85%. If things did not go very well ... And look that this is even a contradiction in relation to the "logic" of this government in facing the problems of public security.

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