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Editorial: How I was nominated for the Fear Government

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There was a friendship between former President Juscelino Kubitschek and the poet from Pernambuco, Ascenso Ferreira. Ascent got to participate in the presidential campaign of Juscelino. In one of his visits to Recife, in a meeting held between them, it was agreed that he would be named president of the then Joaquim Nabuco Institute of Social Research, currently Joaquim Nabuco Foundation. He was named, but did not assume, because of a wide mobilization of Rebel intellectuals, arguing that the poet did not meet the necessary requirements to manage the destinies of an institution like the IJNPS. The fact happened in 1956. Still in the When I arrived here, the subject was treated in an anecdote form, taking as a reference even a poem by Ascenso Ferreira, as if to praise the idleness. Poems aside, it is known that Ascenso did not take office because of the explicit veto of influential intellectuals, under the baton of the Freyre family. The fact even left the poet's family very resentful.

The criterion of technical competence seems to be one of the last requirements for the occupation of a position of trust in the Brazilian public machine. Even with the "filters" adopted today for the occupation of these positions, of 2nd or 3rd echelons - as a contingent determined of effective servants - still, the subjective criteria, determined by the "affinities", symbolic capital originating from the familiar origin, Political identities etc. After all, what are public institutions in Brazil, in a reading, for example of a historian like Sérgio Buarque de Holanda? An extension of the patrimonial defects of the Great House. In Brazil the cordial man, there are no borders to the south of the equator, separating what is private life and res publica. Here in the state of Pernambuco, for example, there is such special advice from the State Government that, so recently, the mayors and former Allied mayors who have been defeated in the last lawsuit have lately been housed.

We once made a challenge here. In Pernambuco, from the Government of Eduardo Campos, there was a kind of "swelling" of the machine, to use an expression attributed to the sociologist Gilberto Freyre, when referring to the increase of the population of Recife. To best judgment, only one state secretariat had more commissioned posts than some governments in the region. Asked by a reporter in this regard, the then secretary left with a pearl: the contractors had been chosen by technical competence. Now, I know a bunch of competent, unemployed people who would like to tell the government, of course, if he would take up this challenge. Of course, this modest scribe did not have the political capital to do so.

These comments were raised from the leaked dialogues of the Minister of Civil Affairs of the Temer Government, Eliseu Padilha (PMDB), when he comments on the appointment of Ricardo Barros (PP) to the Ministry of Health, starting negotiations with Progressive Party, the party that has more names coiled in Operation Lava Jato. In a kind of sincerity, without knowing that it was being recorded, Padilha admitted that, at first, it was thought of the summoning of a notable one to occupy that folder, the surgeon-doctor Raul Cutait, even if he came by the quota of the party. The leaders of the association, of course, did not accept and sent Temer an ultimatum in the form of a message: Our remarkable one is the engineer Ricardo Barros.Padilha, then, made sure that his deputies would vote closed in the projects of interest of the government . With a "yes", the remarkable happened to be the engineer Ricardo Barros, a stranger in the nest of health. You do not understand anything about this area.

That said, the fact has greatly affected, but, strictly speaking, I can not understand where the surprise comes from the episode. The coup coup was distributed in an acrimonious way among its operators. The mediocrity of these nominations is not only observed in the indication of Barros for that folder, but it can be generalized to other ministries, as well as to the positions of 2nd and 3rd echelons. If there is one thing that stands out in this government is the deep technical incompetence of its nominees for some briefs, contingent on the agreements previously held to keep Dilma Rousseff out of power. A complicated binomial - corruption and incompetence - which, certainly, translates as a remarkable indicator that this group does not meet the conditions to keep in power for a long time. Good.

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