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Editorial: Michel Temer: Three maneuvers and one finding

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The other day, a well-known blogger raises a very interesting question about Brazil's "structural impossibility." That is, we are a country of the "way" that, in the end, there is no way at all. During a recent posting about the death of former First Lady Marisa Letícia, we commented on the subject, but, depending on the moment, could not invoke the allegory of the anthropologist Roberto DaMatta on this subject. Among other things, this DaMatta allegory is quite didactic. The anthropologist tells us that a certain elevator operator found himself in the following situation: the stockpile of the social elevator was utterly exhausted, when he received an indecent - but tempting - proposal from an employee in the building. If he, the elevator operator, would allow him to join the elevator, he would clear the guy's bar with that dorsal latifundia (Gilberto Freyre) maid of the 601. The elevator operator does not resist that tempting proposal (Macunaíma -Mário de Andrade) and allows entry Of the subject in the elevator, even knowing the risks of overloading. Result: The elevator goes to the bottom of the pit. Moral of history: The logic of individual interests leads to collective disaster. Nothing more convergent with our famous "jeitinho", where everything works with an "outside" in a logic of "favor", where institutions become mere chains of symbolic capital transmissions, determined by the habitus of individuals, In reference to the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu.

Among the occupants of the presidency of the Federal Senate or of the Chamber of Deputies, would anyone have a vague recollection of someone who passed through these posts and who did not weigh any serious charges of corruption or embezzlement with public resources or campaign funding? Very well. The "new" occupants of this station are also embroiled in the award-winning statements of the executives and former executives of Construtora Odebrecht, which had their approvals recently approved by the STF. They even have funny nicknames on the Contractor's "donations" worksheets. "Indio" would be a reference to the new president of the Federal Senate, Senator Ceará Eunício Oliveira (PMDB). Rodrigo Maia, of the DEM, who was also elected for another term, is known as "Botafogo". Both are allies of the president Michel Temer, who moved his political chopsticks for the election of both.

In a second maneuver, with the support of the high Tucana cupola (read Fernando Henrique Cardoso and Senator Aécio Neves), Temer finally issued Federal Deputy Antonio Imbassahy to the Secretariat of Government, formerly held by another Bahia, Geddel Vieira Lima, who left office after accusations of influence traffic with the Ministry of Culture for the construction of a luxury building on the historical site of the capital of that state. With the maneuver, as the blogger Josias de Souza observed, Temer takes the toucans to that Sunday barbecue in the backyard of the Jaburu Palace, further inhibiting an incipient sketch of independence of that acronym. The maneuver further isolates the presidential pretensions of another Toucan: Governor Geraldo Alckmin, who for a change is also embroiled in the accusations involving the awarding of Odebrecht personnel.

Michel Temer still maneuvered to help an old friend: The former governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Moreira Franco (PMDB), who will be a future Syndic of the Planalto Palace, with ministry status. Confers a privileged forum in the problems in which it is denounced in Lava Jato. As journalist Josias de Souza has observed, in the country of the "way", nothing is created, nothing is transformed, everything is corrupted. Three maneuvers and a single finding. And this "move" to create a Ministry of Human Rights? We'll come back to it later.

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