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Editorial: Benedict Júnior: The dread of the toucans

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We have written three editorials on the recent testimony of the award-winning dexterity of former Odebrecht Construction executives. We do not always publish what we write, out of prudence and a deep concern not to commit injustice with anyone, even if they are our greatest adversaries. That lesson that the Toucan senator, Aécio Neves, borrows from the Brazilian press in recent episodes involving his name, we have learned since long ago, after the reputation murder committed against the former president of the Chamber of Deputies, Ibsen Pinheiro, massacred through Of a sordid smear campaign, moved by a weekly magazine, which published a slanderous article about him, even though he checked his dismissal before the issue came to the stands. In conversations between this editor and Ibsen Pinheiro, the damage of this immorality is evident, practiced in the aftermath of scornings and vested interests.

Ibsen Pinheiro never took a measure against the magazine. Resilient, enough for him, the solidarity of people like the editor of the blog and others, who understood the drama to which he was submitted. In the case of Ibsen Pinheiro, a clamorous injustice was committed, something invented, "planted" to hit him, involving him in the Dwarven Budget Scandal. Even the magazine, after some time, admitted the mistake, but it was too late. In addition to being removed from the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies, Ibsen Pinheiro saw his name flattened, accused of something he never committed. In the case of senator Aécio Neves (PSDB), there is a huge difference, from where we do not understand this hard reaction of the toucans against sectors of the Brazilian press.

The most interesting of these is that the fury is directed precisely against those sectors of the press that have been directly involved in the coup warfare media. What a contradiction, no? But the contradictions do not end here. At one point, as the journalist Josias de Souza recalled, the Toucans are looking like enmeshed PT militants, complaining against the persecution of the coup. If, on the one hand, Ibsen Pinheiro would have every reason of the world to move restorative actions against the sectors of the press that deliberately slandered him, it does not seem to us that the same reasoning can be applied to the toucan, The support of the grand-toucan Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

In the case of the "dread" of the toucans, it has name, DNA and address. It is also unlikely that he is lying. He is Benedicto Júnior, a former executive of the Odebrecht contractor, who admitted to negotiating with the senator the $ 9 million rubble for campaigns of the toucan's godchildren. One detail: on the outside. Barring a better judgment, Marcelo Odebrecht, the heir of the group, would also have mentioned the fact in his testimony, which led the Tocano's lawyers to ask for the exclusion of the testimony that refers to the senator. In fact, Sen. Aécio Neves's lawyers should have warned him about the implied danger of opposing to others the shortcomings we have.

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