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Editorial: A coffee with Michel Temer

Advance the readers that we are not talking about another anecdote of political folklore. In fact, the fact was told to the editor of this blog by the historian Manuel Correia de Andrade, on a rainy Friday in May. Professor Correia de Andrade is the author of several books on land problems in the Northeast. One of them - Earth and Man in the Northeast - is now a classic, written at the request of Caio Prado Júnior, who then organized a large panel of studies on Brazil, and asked the historian to be in charge of managing the Northeast. But the studies of Manuel Correia de Andrade would also draw the attention of a great politician from Pernambuco: Miguel Arraes de Alencar, who invited him to join his government. A man of books and academy, Manuel Correia de Andrade was reticent, since the "political field" was not his beach. Invited to the Palácio das Campo das Princesas for a conversation with the Pernambuco politician, Arraes insisted on the invitation. Still in the face of her reluctance, the old political fox cleared her throat and predicted: when you receive a politician and you have to deny a request, deny it, but offer a cup of coffee. That simple

This is a comic strip that could even compose the panel of Brazilian political folklore, so researched by the journalist Sebastião Nery. But it's the truest truth. This fact came to mind after speculation about a meeting between the governor of the State of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) and the President of the Republic, Michel Temer (PMDB), a meeting that took place in the Planalto Palace. In politics, the real intentions are rarely revealed, except in the case mentioned above, where, in fact, the writings of Professor Manuel Correia de Andrade - a profound connoisseur of the Northeast region - must have weighed on the choice of his name by Arraes To form its secretariat. As well as the researcher's low predisposition to the political field.

At the mouth of the stage, it would have been a chance encounter, to fill the time, according to the governor Alckmin, who would have gone to Brasilia to preside over the possession of the newest ministers of state. On the coxies, however, things are not quite like that. What he knows is that it was a meeting where the governor reaffirms his status as candidate for the Presidency of the Republic in the 2018 elections, in a political arrangement possibly agreed during the tecituras that engendered the retirement of the president Dilma Rousseff of the power. In fact, in the case of Geraldo Alckmin, the presumption that President Michel Temer would only comply with a buffer order was a fundamental condition for supporting those warheads. At the time, I believe, the Toucan's relations with the party leadership were not so deteriorated. He still spoke like a big-toucan of the beak. He would then take a series of measures to preserve his nest - the Toucans themselves - negotiating the possibility of flying flights with the PSB doves, with whom he has since tightened ties.

Of course, the meeting with Michel Temer was not limited to the coffee and canapés of the Planalto Palace. There, between one drink and another, relevant issues of national policy must have been addressed, especially at this time when the TSE will be judging the campaign accounts of Dilma / Temer, in those elections in 2014, where several irregularities are identified with the Its financing, according to the contractors of Construtora Odebrecht. Irregularities that the contortionism of the ghost writer of the Palace of the Planalto can not hide through their notinhas, soon denied by the evidence facts described by the revelations. It is expected, for example, on Friday, a kind of confrontation between these informers so that it is definitely clarified, by the way, what would have been treated at a dinner at the Palacio de Jaburu. Temer confirms a speech by Marcelo Odebrecht - denied by another accuser - that there was no talk of money at that meeting. Who best translated this was the cartoonist Benett, in charge that illustrates this editorial.

If, on the one hand, the outcome of the agreements between the Peemedebistas and the Toucans is unpredictable, after all, as the fox Magalhães Pinto affirmed, politics changes like clouds, on the other hand, everything seems to be moving towards a political agreement that does not harm the Caption of Lord Michel Temer. Today, Minister Gilmar Mendes admitted the consistency of evidence that could lead to sticking to his presidency, with the proviso that he could be re-elected president through parliament, where he has a large majority. Everything seems to be a maneuver so as not to completely demoralize the Higher Electoral Court, faced with a stalemate that Michel Temer's acquittal would seem very bad for that Court, moreover presided over by Gilmar Mendes himself.

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