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Editorial: The meat is weak

Resultado de imagem para a carne é fraca/charge

In the last hours, the Federal Police unleashed a mega operation denominated by them of "Low Flesh". PF has never carried out an operation of this size in the agricultural sector, which has 40 companies, including the JBS and BRF giants, as well as hundreds of federal agricultural inspectors, who are paid by the treasury for the inspection of the good state of these products for consumption human. As in Brazil, institutions do not function satisfactorily, due to a kind of endemic or structural corruption, in these cases there is always the involvement of public agents. We need to delve a bit more into this new scandal, but we already know, for example, the use of inputs such as cardboard and chemicals in processed meats, as well as the fact that even spoiled meat reached the consumer, all with proper inspections Through tips.

Fulfilling a script of praxe, the participation of politicians in the scheme is suspected. An attentive reader of the blog should have already noticed that among the access hearing champions here on the blog is a text entitled The new minister and the ruralist bureau, first published by Carta Maior portal. The post is accessed notably by the Americans, who are the ones who most access our sites, both the school research and the policy. Alone, this text has already reached the figure of 13 thousand hits, a not inconsiderable indicator. I always thought that the interest of the Americans in this post was related to the understanding of the recent coup war crimes perpetrated in the country, which culminated in the removal of President Dilma Rousseff from the Presidency of the Republic. I'd rather keep thinking like this.

But anyone who suspects, especially among conspiracy theorists, that a major operation is being set up to overthrow Brazil as one of the world's largest meat exporters. The other day I read an excellent article written by a respected journalist, where he invokes the favorable political environment, created with the participation of the CIA, that allowed the institutional blow in the country. Everything is possible. The concrete fact, however, we are faced with yet another scandal that brings us back to the realization that this country can not be taken seriously. Brazil is an unfeasible country. A government with bow names caught in the trouble of Lava Jato; A broad program of erosion of rights and non-respect to the stalled clauses of the Citizen Constitution enacted in 1988 - as foreseen by the Pension Reform, for example - but that can not even guarantee the safe origin of the meat that comes to our tables.

This is very serious. It is extremely serious, especially if we take into account that the chemicals used - to ward off the odor characteristic of putrefying meat - were carcinogenic with a potential well above the nitrate used to give that reddish color to our sausages. In fact, we are witnessing a serious moment of national political life, which this scandal only reinforces: we are all in a great rot, exuding a foul smell, without a prospect of exit in the short term. A legitimately elected president is dismissed, a Citizen Constitution obtained by means of a great national effort is broken, it is attentive against the most effective rights of the workers ... difficult to even imagine where we will stop.

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