domingo, 19 de março de 2017

Editorial: More a troubled minister. The meat is really weak

We have already commented here with you that, mainly in Brazil, the criteria used for the appointment of someone to hold a position of trust in the public machine are almost always not guided by technical training, projection of the individual in his area of ​​practice, unblemished conduct, his Independence or haughtiness. The other day we commented here that even a "poetic license" was used to dissuade the appointment of a poet to take over the presidency of a particular federal institution. In past decades, even in the period when it was considered to carry out grassroots reforms in the country - times are now quite different - the then sociologist of hunger, Josué de Castro was considered to assume a ministry in the João Goulart Government. The political articulation was carried out by the anthropologist Darci Ribeiro, who convinced Goulart of the importance of having someone with the profile of Josué de Castro in his Government. As is known, in addition to his academic activities, Josué de Castro was also involved in politics, being affiliated with the PTB. It was, in fact, a remarkable one to compose the Goulart Government. He was not being asked for the party quota, but because of his technical background, as a respected intellectual world-wide.

He was asked to keep reservations about it. Vainly, he eventually admitted to becoming a minister. It was enough for whole wings of the party to mobilize to bar the nomination in favor of some bureaucrat of the party. Such a mobilization ended up impeding the appointment of Josué de Castro, who was deprecated by some other "notable" party. Recently, we even had a similar situation, when the PP kicked his feet and insisted on the appointment of an engineer to the Ministry of Health, when considering the appointment of a doctor very well reputed for that folder. Possibly just to suggest a technical, Republican varnish to the Temer Government auxiliaries, almost all of them with trouble to respond in Operation Lava Jato.

It is striking how in such a chain of actors in our political system it is so difficult to find someone with an unblemished reputation, an absolutely fundamental condition for the exercise of public office. I remember that in one of those moments of agony of the Dilma Rousseff government - when she handed the rings over her fingers in concessions that completely disfigured her government - it was agreed that a certain party should appoint someone to one of its ministries. Well. From an extensive list presented, none of them passed the scrutiny of investigations carried out by the government's own organs. A well-known blogger and journalist said that in the Temer government, troubled ministers are not fired. They are discharged from the hospital. Whoever accompanies the Brazilian political scene, of course, knows who we are talking about. The minister and the journalist.

As if the ministers of state listed on Janot's famous List were not enough, now another one of them comes up with the name involved in the scandal denounced by Operation Faint Meat recently held by the Federal Police. The curious thing is that, as Minister of Justice, he is the head of the Federal Police itself. Recently appointed to that portfolio, Federal Deputy Osmar Serraglio (PMDB) is being accused, while still a deputy, of interceding with public agents to clean the bar of slaughterhouses and abattoirs under the supervision of Federal Government bodies. His relationship is with one of the main names involved - PF accuses him of leading the criminal organization - where there are indications that Serraglio interceded to keep him in office, as well as recording an audio, where he asks for the help of his friend, too Known as "big boss", to avoid that a frigorifico of Parana was imprisoned. In a serious country he would lose the condition of continuing as Minister of Justice. In a serious country, that's what I said.

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