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Editorial: Shooting in the foot the toucans

Resultado de imagem para marcelo odebrecht/aécio neves

It is true that the PSDB never complied with the results of the 2014 presidential elections. They lost at the polls, won on the cushion, through explicit support for the coup warp that culminated in the removal of President Dilma Rousseff from the Presidency of the Republic. In an intricate political arrangement, they swallowed Michel Temer (PMDB), but always with the prospect that he will fulfill a transitional mandate and open the doors of the Planalto Palace to new tenants. When these coup negotiations with the PMDB were not yet in place, the Toucans filed a lawsuit in the Electoral Court alleging campaign irregularities on the Dilma / Temer plate, irregularities, they said, enough to nullify the election of both, which would imply Power to the senator Aécio Neves (PSDB). With a deep knowledge of the ruts of Brazilian politics, we did not understand very well how Senator Aécio Neves (PSDB) agreed with this sandice. Judging from the floor of the political carriage, he must be deeply sorry.

I confess that we would also like to know the reaction of the Toucan summit to the testimony given by the contractor Marcelo Odebrecht yesterday. After the scourges of that lawsuit, an institutional blow in the process of consolidation, what were, in fact, the expectations of the toucan in relation to this testimony. The political clouds today present themselves with another format, to remember the mining fox Magalhães Pinto. Dilma Rousseff is now dedicated to taking care of her grandchildren and Michel Temer is housed in the Palace of Planalto, led to the position through a political expedient that knows little Republican and therefore less susceptible to legal filigrees. The Brazilian political scene, as remarked by journalist Josias de Souza of UOL, today is deeply contaminated by an eminently corrupt dynamic, even involving former proponents of ethics in politics, such as the PT. One of the serious misunderstandings of the PT was to have succumbed to the structural corruption of our political field.

The testimony of Marcelo Odebrecht is another testimony that brings some tragic elements, but didactic, when it comes to the rotten process of our political system. The construction company maintained a bribe department, with executives paid to carry out these operations as the political field. Hundreds of politicians were on their lists, as were dozens of political parties, all duly "nicknamed" to make identification difficult. Cashew, Acarajé, Viagra ... an invaluable collection for our new folklorists. I can only imagine how these executives were evaluated in their functions. For the ability to co-opt politicians in order to make feasible the major projects of the contractor? Possibly yes, since this "Tipping Office" was moving fabulous money. Only in the 2014 elections, the contractor would have made available the amount of R $ 200 million to be distributed among politicians and parties. Inside and outside.

I do not believe that the image of former President Dilma Rousseff burned after the testimony of the contractor Marcelo Odebrecht. The media have been divulging other versions - already contradicted by the former president's advice - but the fact is a warning from Marcelo Odebrecht to warn the marketer, the operators and the candidates Dilma Rousseff and Michel Temer about the risks of the operation of Injection of resources by "outside", which could lead to problems in the future. What can be concluded from this information? Which Dilma knew. And who did not know? Our political system is a cancer at the stage of metastasis, which subverts the most petty principles of our political making.

Even scorched - even more - was the image of the Tucano senator Aécio Neves (PSDB), candidate for the Presidency of the Republic in that lawsuit. The testimony of Marcelo Odebrecht is much more robust in the sense of committing him in nebulous negotiations with the contractor. Marcelo cites his direct involvement in joining the company to raise funds - also from outside - for his campaigns and the campaigns of his political godchildren. The popular saying goes that old monkeys do not usually run their hands in cumbuca, by the imprecision about what they can find therein. The PSDB did not take some basic care, even knowing what it might find on the couch. Senator Aécio Neves knows very well how these campaign financing gears work. Why the hell, anyway, tried to pack Dilma / Temer, accusing her of an offense he knew to be so common. Common to the point of splashing about it?

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