sexta-feira, 24 de março de 2017

Political Drops for Reflection: The Failure to Disclose the Dirty List of Slave Labor

As noted, the dirty list of slave labor is an indicator of the most relevant to civil society and social movements. Brazil, on the 20th, was denounced to the UN, due to the omission of the dissemination of this list. Judge Ives Gandra, who heads the STJ, was the one who ordered his suspension, but it is known that there was pressure from the Temer Government in this regard. The motivation would be to preserve - imagine - the rights of violators of labor legislation. The Temer Government would have instituted a commission to reformulate and refine this list. In these pointed times, it seems that the biggest concern is even with the top floor of the social pyramid. Doubts on the subject are completely dissipated when the bench of the slave-owning oligarchy, with its representatives in parliament, is taken as reference, which gave support to the recently materialized institutional coup in the country. This class should be happier than I paint in the trash. And no less.

José Luiz Gomes, Political Scientist, in an editorial published in the blog

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