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Editorial: The Government Temer by a thread?

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Yesterday was published a survey of the IBOPE where the image and the management of President Michel Temer was exposed with a radiography not very encouraging for the occupant of the Planalto Palace. None of the data presented suggests any positive expectation for the government. Only 10% approval, 40% believe that it would have been better to continue with Dilma Rousseff and 79% do not trust the government, which does not translate into anything new, given the troubles in which their ministers and auxiliaries are involved. If it is true that Dilma Rousseff's management took some wrong steps that led us to this shifting terrain of the economy, the expectation was that this government that was born under the sign of illegitimacy, boasted as a restorer, could find a way out , Under penalty of being also beheaded by the bank, who already sketches a certain bad mood with the meager results obtained until the moment.

The fronts of reluctance to the Temer Government can be observed in "strategic" places, that is, in those locus of power that can define their political destiny. The population is still anesthetized. He has not yet awakened from the political slumber that produced the "monster." I believe that this will not be for long, since his last breath must be given in the arena of fight, in the streets, fighting for his rights. They have no alternative, and sooner or later the population will be awakened from this lethargy. We paid a very high price for not believing in the possibility of some political backsliding in the country. We got used very badly to the mock democracy we had. As the French sociologist Claude Leffort warned, a democracy that does not expand, tends to die of starvation. But, already asking readers for forgiveness for the digression, what we would like to emphasize is that the Temer Government begins to ruin itself in those sectors that helped it rise, so to speak.

The plim plim broadcaster has already been more condescending to the Temer government. Do you remember the great economic analyzes of your commentators arguing that the problems of the Brazilian economy were the consequence of a world crisis or even reflection of the poor management of the PT? This opinion seems to have changed substantively in recent days. In the Legislature, a raid is opened with the President of the Federal Senate, Renan Calheiros (PMDB). The vote of the Social Security Reform, which is so unpopular, has provoked some resistance from parliamentarians, who know that their vote - for or against - will have some consequence for their political careers. This political class already has the lower prestige than duck perch. The concept of Brazilian parties and politicians has reached the bottom of the well. They know they need to move up on leagues to ask their voters for votes in future elections. This proposal for Pension Reform is draconian. A disaster.

Another great problem for Michel Temer is the legal aspect, but I believe that things can be arranged here. After all, these last political tenacities in the country were protected by the judiciary. Only with the exception that the adoption of a tough measure could favor other groups in the internal dispute - more precisely the toucans - Michel Temer should not face major problems here. The TSE should be guided by the law, rejecting its campaign accounts and that of President Dilma Rousseff, but the inevitable deferral of trial and appeals should ensure the end of President Michel Temer's term. Maybe the streets awaken from political sleep. Then the beast catches!

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