quarta-feira, 5 de abril de 2017

Political Drops for Reflection: The Temer Agenda Does not Match Democracy

"Turning to the national political reality, let the record be made that the PMDB summit met to deal with the somewhat complicated relationship with the Michel Temer Government. Complicated, we would say, since Senator Renan Calheiros refers to the leader of the Government in Congress, André Moura (PSC-SE) as a murderer, in reference to a homicide charge that weighs against him. The rebellion of the PMDB chiefs is emblematic, as we emphasized yesterday in editorial, because it is about adopting measures - such as the Pension Reform, for example - that do not fit in with a democratic agenda. As sociologist Sérgio Pinheiro (USP) has defined, once this government has taken office as an interim, its agenda is absolutely incompatible with the full functioning of a democratic regime, where the candidates would have to dispute the voters' Accountability. This is a non-negotiable agenda with the electorate. The Moremitebistas who have to continue in public life, disputing the vote of the electorate, have realized the need to take their foot off the accelerator of this neoliberal agenda - at least for now - to preserve their mandates, guaranteeing the privileged forum. None of them wants to be heard directly by Judge Sérgio Moro, who is listed as the majority, in the course of the investigations of Operation Lava Jato. Renan, for example, responds to 12 inquiries, 9 of which relate to Lava Jato."

(José Luiz Gomes, political scientist, in on editoral published here on the blog)

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