domingo, 14 de maio de 2017

Publisher: The new discursive narrative against Lula

The institutional coup in Brazil was very well conceived. The agents or operators of this warp act with a tuning or affinity to make envy the greatest regents of great orchestras. In the absolute absence of any compromising evidence against former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva - in relation to the transactions involving the Guarujá triplet - they began to use the media arm that supports them to construct a discursive narrative against the former president, arguing That he tried to blame or blame his wife Marisa for alleged irregularities involving that property. The size of sordidness is immeasurable, of unreasonable injustice. Starting with the fact that there is no irregularity involving the couple Lula / Marisa regarding that property. Later, Dona Marisa's interest in the property was a family decision, which concerns only the couple, and should be respected by some communication vehicles, which continue a systematic campaign to promote a "moral lynch" of the former president .

Afterwards, former President Lula only answered questions from Judge Sérgio Moro, where the former first lady's name had been quoted in the proceedings involving the three-party trial. At no time did he associate his wife's name with any irregularities, not least because these possible irregularities, especially by the Public Prosecutor's Office, were never admitted by the former president. Then there is a maneuver of manipulation of information, a tecitura - I say again, very well woven - with the purpose of further damaging the public image of former President Lula. It is the comments of the "journalists" of the plim plim's newspaper; The "big" Paulista newspapers; The covers of the main magazines of national circulation; The "clean" blogs etc. It should be noted that the coup makers used to be content with the support of the "big" media, and today they also wage this "dirty war" through social networks and the blogosphere.

As I said before, Lula's testimony put a checkmate in the justice that is practiced today in the country. The natural order of things is completely reversed. Rather, it was the burden of proof for the accusers. Today, faced with the accusations that are imputed to them, it is Lula who has to prove that he does not own this triplet of Guarujá. The ex-president was even very happy to inquire during the deposition if the prosecutor's office would present any real evidence, such as a deed or a recognized contract - where it was set up that he was, in fact, the owner of that property. As there is nothing that materializes this assertive "maid", another completely unfounded narrative is constructed, captious, just for the purpose of wearing down the public image of the former president, accusing him, unjustly, of trying to impute to his wife the guilt For their alleged "malfeasance."

There is a book by the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, with the suggestive title "Beyond Good and Evil," where he asserts that every word is a mask and every speech is a fraud. The real intention of a discourse is not in what it reveals, but in what it omits. And what he omits is the real raison d'etre of speech, the real intent of the actor behind the discourse. This "new" discursive narrative constructed by these vehicles against Lula, based on false premises, aims ultimately to anchor that objective sketched from the beginning by these groups, that is, of politically unfeasible, the largest political capital of classes Less favored of this country, nor that for that they must "plant", systematically, lies that can disqualify it next to the public opinion. A sordid game. A dirty game.

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