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Publisher: The best defense is the attack.

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The advisers of President Michel Temer (PMDB) say that he is painted for war, that is, he will use all the resources he still has to get rid of a bigger trouble in the STF, where his fate would be uncertain, if The Federal Chamber authorizes the first request of investigation against him, formulated by the Attorney General's Office, where he is accused of the common crime of passive corruption. The Attorney General, Rodrigo Janot, has no doubt, especially from the information provided by the Federal Police, that the money of the suitcase was even for the president. The technical expertise performed in the audios also do not allow doubts about its authenticity, just as some parts of the recording became clearer, which further compromises Michel Temer. Still, with clenched teeth, Temer reaffirms that no one will destroy him, denouncing the prosecutor to accuse him without evidence. It is said that the "defense" strategy of President Michel Temer would have been advised by his marketer.

The playwright Nelson Rodrigues was right in concluding that this country is indeed an unlikely country. First, for the unusual of a President of the Republic, in full exercise of the mandate, to suffer the accusation of having committed a crime of passive corruption, locupletando of the functions to gain undue advantages. Then, the set of maneuvers that are set in the political field with the deliberate purpose of protecting him from the consequences of his acts, which, by the way, are common in this environment. I believe that it is only by this aspect that this self-protection of the political class is explained, practically all of it troubled by similar cases of attitudes incompatible with what is expected of a public man. A bunch of them have rolls to solve in the context of the investigations of Operation Lava Jet.

Submitting the accusations against President Michel Temer to be evaluated the eyedropper by the Federal Chamber may have been a strategy well thought out by Attorney Rodrigo Janot. There must be more and more intense popular pressure for him to be judged by the Supreme Court, and that, little by little, can undermine the resistance of the political field. They will surrender the head of Michel Temer when they realize that they can also lose theirs, if they persist in ignoring the appeals of the population. Temer's rejection rate is stratospheric. According to the latest survey released by the Datafolha Institute, only 7% of voters approve of its government. I do not think ex-President Dilma Rousseff would have gone down in her worst moments when she had the rope around her neck to take off.

A pity that our political system has reached this state of rot. Except in the case of a profound political reform carried out by new political actors, elected for this specific purpose, the remains that will still be kept in a possible departure from President Michel Temer are still worrying. In fact, we need a long process of political asepsis, Capable of sanitizing the political environment, placing it in the perspective of building citizenship, meeting the demands of society and not a political system aimed only at enabling corporate and capital interests represented by financial corporations. Corrupted and compromised as it is, the political system no longer serves those purposes.

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