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Publisher: The last days of Michel Temer

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Driven to power by a coup d'etat, I have always believed that this same coup d'etat could save the neck of President Michel Temer (PMDB), despite popular disapproval of the government. But, little by little, important sectors of the same gear show that they intend to abandon the government ship. Three factors seem to be determining factors for the demise of this support base of the Temer Government. One of the factors is the elections scheduled for 2018, where politicians who wish to re-elect themselves fear the election of the ballot, as a result of their support for a president so weakened by the accusations against him and his advisers. Some political fox has said in the past that no politician commits suicide.

Hence our difficulty in understanding the narrowing of the alliance of the governor of Pernambuco, Paulo Câmara (PSB) with the PMDB of the State - as we stated in a recent article on those elections - even though Federal Deputy Jarbas Vasconcelos stated that he would vote in favor of Release of Michel Temer for the opening of an investigation with the STF. Important sectors of the media - who have helped build the discursive narrative surrounding the impeachment of former President Dilma Rousseff - now stand fully in defense of the departure of President Michel Temer. The economic elite, in turn, who could celebrate the indicators that point to the recovery of the economy, in turn, come to see with reservations that the fact that these auspicious rates can be led by a president so weak and beset with denunciations Of little republican conduct.

According to him, in conversations with the toucans, Rodrigo Maia would have already waved that he would keep the economic team if it were conducted to the Presidency of the Republic, in a possible departure from Michel Temer. The speech of Senator Tasso Jereissati (PSDB-CE), interim leader of the legend, points sharply to a break with the Temer Government. According to an article by Prof. Michel Zaidan, who is here publican, all this maneuver is backed by former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, whose party is expected to significantly expand its participation in the future government. The signs and movements of the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia, meanwhile, indicate that he no longer acts like that planalto's bounty hunter as he once did.

In this particular case, Botafogo - that is how he was treated in the Odebrecht spreadsheets - seems to be the great political thermometer of the Temer Government. His decision to abide by the opposition's proposal that the Attorney General's request for an investigation be heard in open voting, according to some, may have meant the coup de grace in the Planalto's hopes of stopping bloodshed in the House of Representatives. Members of Parliament. Meetings follow each other, the pen continues to work, amendments are being released at an astonishing rate, but the winds unfavorable to the Temer Government also rise. Politics has its circumstances there and the expectation of power came to animate the deputy Rodrigo Maia from the beginning. He maneuvered in favor of Michel Temer as much as he could, but recalled that he is a very well-oiled Legislative President among his peers and that he could lead him in defense of his personal projects.

Journalist Josias de Souza rightly reminded President Michel Temer of his own poison. In the throes of the tecigura to overthrow the president Dilma Rousseff (PT), Michel Temer was articulated to succeed it, while Dilma was retired to his quarters, resigned. The resignation does not seem to be a trait of the personality of President Michel Temer, but his more direct advisers already admit that the president is downcast. The gestures - translated in that frenzied swing of hands - can no longer be read only as a form of emphasis on speech, but as a display of anger, rancor, and disappointment. Scores, especially institutional ones, require some planning time. Political conditions must be "matured."

In the case of President Dilma Rousseff, since 2014, her executioners have noticed the flanks where they could act to undermine her government, starting from the complacency of auxiliaries with the profile of Michel Temer, who naively came to be appointed by the ex -president as his political articulator. Imagine the nonsense. But fortunately, life takes a few turns and today it is Michel Temer himself, known for his competence as a political articulator, who is undermined by circumstances. As political scientist Michel Zaidan notes, there is no worse bench record than it is there. What may come out of this future political arrangement, unfortunately, also should not be favorable to the expansion of the citizenship rights of Brazilian society, since pernicious reforms would already be agreed between the new occupants.

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