domingo, 2 de julho de 2017

Publisher: Sad democracy

There by the second Lula government, the institutes that measure the health of democracy in the world - from observance of some variables - said that we were very well. The possibility of a retrogression would be unlikely, since we were following a sequence of regular elections; Civil and political rights were assured; The constituted powers worked smoothly, within that predicted balance, holding back the possibility of tyranny. The coup came and a heavy agenda of suppression of rights, but as there is a characteristic atypical in Brazil, it pretends that things are working perfectly - we only go through a necessary transition - until the elections of 2018, when the people will have a Opportunity to choose a ruler according to their free choice. In his last speech, the President seems to invoke this spirit of the necessity of touching these reforms, independently of the accusations that are imputed to them. That is, it matters little respect for the rules of the democratic game in what he advocates about the conduct that is expected of the ruler, as long as the banking agenda is fulfilled.

The democratic enterprise between us is really quite complex and difficult to materialize, depending on the very principles inherent in it. Someone has already said that a democracy could not do very well in a "favor" country. Interpreters of Brazilian society, such as Gilberto Freyre and Sérgio Buarque de Holanda, did not hide their pessimism about their viability in a country like ours, as a result of the pernicious vices left by the process of Portuguese colonization. For some time now we have been following the concerns of the journalist Josias de Souza, of Portal Uol, about this theme. His last conclusion is that our democracy left by the thief, after the last events in Brasilia, which, in fact, do not allow us to cherish some positive expectations on the subject.
Not after the last Supreme Court decisions, returning the senator's mandate to Mr. Aécio Neves and releasing the former Planalto aide, Rodrigo Rocha Loures, the man in the suitcase, to the barbecues with his family at the weekends.

In the midst of the storm, a political actor seems to have breathed a sigh of relief and resumed his regular hours of sleep. This is President Michel Temer. The now again senator Aécio Neves resumes his touches in Tucumán in support of the president's support, while the former adviser feels less pressure to suggest to his lawyers that they consider the possibility of entering the prize-giving program. I have never denied my personal admiration and respect for the decisions made by the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court, Marco Aurélio Mello. His last decision to return the senator's term of office and to refuse the arrest warrant that had been filed against him, however, caused us some surprise.
Now, after that secret banquet offered to the president and ministers in trouble on the Lava Jato rolls, by a member of the High Court, here to us, declaring himself surprised by something in this country seems unnecessary.

By the way of the political carriage - or judging by the shape of the political clouds that are forming at the moment, as the mining fox Magalhães Pinto would say in the past - the forecast is of little republican rains in the sky of the federal capital, with a right to a Mire of immoralities never seen before in our country. The political system - with the leniency of sectors of the judiciary - seems to act in the sense of preserving some political actors of extremely dubious conduct, little compatible with the exercise of the public function. We never went down to levels so low and undesirable. In this political scenario, of erosion of rights and muddling of the political system, the losses regarding the construction of citizenship are irreparable. It is urgent a radical and substantive change of this political system, today in the UTI, breathing by apparatus.





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