quarta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2017

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Practices of a fascist nature are already verified in our social daily life. To a certain extent, fascism is already among us, considering the constant attacks suffered by minority social groups in the country in recent years. The other day, the editor of this blog was virulently attacked on social networks by partisans of a right-wing group here in the State, just for having published an article about Deputy Federal Jair Bolsonaro. I was curious to observe the page and, to our surprise, there was the explicit apology to the emblematic political actors of the military regime established in the country with the 1964 civil-military coup, accused of torture and other crimes. Most surprising, however, is the presence of young people in these movements, some of them without the slightest notion of what happened in the country by those gone. The "fascist" wave - which, in this institutional crisis finds a very fertile ground for its growth - seems to muddy the thinking of these people. Whoever wants to dare to question this citizen when he or she is present in the capital of Pernambuco.

This week, the deputy went on a collision course with some print media that evaluated his performance on social networks. He naturally, in his reply, provoked the usual polemics. The fact is that, with the support of selfless followers, Deputy Jair Bolsonaro goes very well in social networks. Also there, since in all the surveys of intention of votes held so far, equally, it has appeared very well. As is known, Jair Bolsonaro surfs in favorable waves, as the deprestige of traditional politicians; The institutional crisis allied to the economic crisis; A right-wing political platform with dangerous ingredients, with which he identifies himself, as fighting hard against violence. It should not be by chance that he is there, among the first placed in the presidential race of 2018, only under former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, now a politician completely in trouble with the rolls of Operation Lava Jato. Judge Sérgio Moro accepted another complaint against him, this time involving the reforms of the site of Atibaia.

It is deeply regrettable that our political system has reached such a deplorable stage, which makes it incapable of interdicting political actors with this profile. The other day, through social networks, someone was commenting that the "Bolsonaro Phenomenon" is not restricted to this character of national politics, but extends to his relatives, who are now very well placed in the research for the Government of São Paulo, as well as To represent that State in the Upper House. The deputy's children appear very well in the polls. The shrewd Portuguese sociologist, Boaventura de Souza Santos, made another day one of the most worrying predictions, that is, which suggests the possibility of referencing, through the ballot box, a fascist regime, electing a candidate with this platform.

In fact, one can not harbor many expectations about a political system necrosed like ours, which directs its actions according to the most vested interests and motives, absolutely dissociated from the public interest. Although, according to recent research, more than 80% of the population claims that MPs should vote in favor of accepting the complaint of the Attorney General's Office against President Michel Temer, it is known that the operators of the Planalto Palace already consider this complaint buried. The cartoon by the cartoonist Renato Machado - published today in Folha de São Paulo newspaper and reproduced here - illustrates our concern. In fact, the entire Brazilian political system is in the frying pan. The problem is that we do not know what the right frying point is, or whether it will ever wake up, once the street demonstrations and the famous panelaços, kindly financed by the elite, have ceased to remove a legitimately elected president under power. The staggering argument of combating corruption.

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