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Goodbye, Marisa Letícia

Today, February 2, in the early hours of the morning, it was reported that the state of health of Mrs. Marisa Letícia, wife of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, was very serious. There was no further condition for the former first lady's health condition, a victim of a stroke that would have evolved into other consequences, such as thrombosis. From the medical point of view, as the popular say, she was disillusioned. Only a miracle of God could keep her alive, but He preferred to welcome her into a very personal dialogue, after the hardships experienced by this lady, the implacable victim of well-orchestrated political persecution. Although he still breathes for the devices, according to the medical bulletin, there would be no more blood flow in his brain, which led the family to authorize the donation of their organs, admitting fatality. A very heavy bar for former President Lula, harassed on all sides by members of the Lava Jato task force and now facing a family drama. Officially, as there is a time to be given to conclude for a brain death, the Syrian Lebanese Hospital only confirmed his death on 03, Friday. Marisa Letícia was Lula's eternal companion, accompanying him from long periods, with him building a family composed of 05 children, 03 of the couple, a stepdaughter of Lula and a stepson from their first marriage.

As a well-known blogger recalled, this country suffers from a kind of structural impossibility. And this is not limited only to our weakened democratic experience. It is the country of the "way", but that has no way. Cármen Lúcia's decision to homologate the award of the 77 executives and former executives of Construtora Odebrecht - which involves a handful of politicians in maracutaias with the treasury - is commended for its strategy for the new Lava Jato report to fall on The Minister Edson Fachin, at first a serious magistrate, but, on the other hand, regrets the secrecy imposed by the Supreme Court on the content of these allegations. It is more or less like that salesman in the branch of the informal economy who sells us a bucket of mangas swords - those of the milk taken without falling - but, in the bottom of the bucket, pushed some of them not even so showy, already bruised. Rotten apples - or would they be mangoes? - they're all over the place. Also yesterday was elected the new president of the Federal Senate, Senator from Ceará, Eunício Oliveira (PMDB). And it's not that his name also appears on the list of Lava Jet tellers. One more piece to confirm our "impossibilities", dear journalist. Rodrigo Maia (DEM) reelected for the presidency of the Federal Chamber, is not, likewise, an example of a probo public. Its name also appears in the extensive list of beneficiaries by Construtora Odebrechet. It's Brazil.

We made this digression to remember how the former first lady Marisa Letícia would have been crumpled by social networks, as soon as her hospitalization was announced for health treatment. The sandices said are unpublishable, especially in respect to this delicate moment lived by the Lula da Silva family. We have reached an intolerable stage of intolerance, systematically constructed by some sectors of the media and fueled by the spotlight of members of the judiciary. There is a clear picture of persecution of "petistas" witches in all the quarters and Mrs. Marisa Letícia did not escape to this persecutory sanha. We all know that practices of this nature leave physical or emotional sequelae in our health. I do not know if you remember, during the episode of the coercive conduct of former president Lula, his main concern as a father was not with him, but with his son Lulinha. It is not difficult to imagine the suffering imposed on Marisa Letícia by the constant embarrassments suffered by the husband. A doctor from the Sírio Libanês Hospital was dismissed after posting a "social network" profile on the former first lady's health profile. It's not hard to imagine what the "hairy" doctors wrote in their comments. Still, some good people did not allow their social media profiles to be used by those insane. Not so much for political reasons, but for humanitarian reasons.

I got the best impression from the former First Lady Marisa Letícia. I had the chance to meet her at a scheduled meeting with former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva at a hotel in Maceió. She accompanied a small interview with Lula, intermediated by a former teacher, who was a kind of minister of institutional relations of the PT with the evangelical community, at a time when evangelicals still saw Lula as a sort of incarnation of the devil. As Maceió pointed out, Maceió, during the holiday months, becomes a politician's point, making it easier for seals, journalists, and young students like me. This is a good time to meet and interview them. Although with a discreet temperament, it is known that Marisa Leticia had a role in the political decisions of former president Lula. In granting such an interview, often, after the answers, Lula used to cast a glance at them, as if he wanted his approval. When Lula met her in 1973, in the lead-up years of the Military Dictatorship established in the country with the civil-military coup of 1964, Marisa was already an employee of the ABC Metalworkers' Syndicate. Since then, she has gone not only to accompany but to guide the steps of her husband, who would become President of the Republic, helping even to found the Workers' Party.

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