domingo, 2 de julho de 2017

Political Drops for Reflection: Sad Democracy

"There, according to the second Lula government, the institutes that measure the health of democracy in the world - from the observation of some variables - said that we were doing very well. The possibility of a setback would be unlikely since we followed a sequence of regular elections , The civil and political rights were assured, the constituted powers worked without bumps, within that predicted balance, holding back the possibility of a tyranny.There was the coup and a heavy agenda of suppression of rights, but as in Brazil there is a characteristic atypicity, Pretending that things are working perfectly - we are only going through a necessary transition - until the elections of 2018, when the people will have a new opportunity to choose a ruler depending on their free choice.In their last speech, the president seems to invoke this spirit The need to address these reforms, regardless of the accusations that are imputed to them. He respects the rules of the democratic game in what he advocates about the conduct that is expected of the ruler, as long as the banking agenda is fulfilled. "
(José Luiz Gomes, political scientist, in na editorial published here on the blog)

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