domingo, 21 de maio de 2017

Legitimidade and potitical Asepsis

When we analyze the discursive narrative of President Michel Temer (PMDB), there is no question that the German philosopher, Friedrich Nickschche, who affirmed that every word was a mask and every discourse was a fraud, does not give no reason. The real intention of a discourse is not in what it reveals, but in what it conceals, which is the essence of discourse, the true motivation of its actor. For many years President Michel Temer maintained excellent relations with the Batista brothers, controllers of the J & F group. This relationship was so close that Joesley Batista was received at the official residence of the President of the Republic, in anonymity, late at night, which in itself would already constitute a questionable act, incompatible with the position that is expected of those who exercise the Highest position of the Federal Executive.

Now President Michel Temer's narrative is to disqualify Mr. Joesley Batista, who would have used criminal expediency in recording the conversation between them, as well as linking him to the governments of the PT coalition, which he and his party, The PMDB, integrated. But let us consider here, as the political scientist Michel Zaidan reported yesterday in his article, only the fact of the common ground that united these people, that is, anti-petism. And President Temer, as we soon knew, even integrating the allied base of President Dilma Rousseff, drew with the correlation of forces that would take power through the institutional coup. He was nominated as his political articulator. Just imagine! One must first make the point that Mr. Joesley Batista's denouncement spared almost no one from our troubled political system. It was even left for journalist Cláudio Humberto, from Diário do Poder, a former strong man from the communication of former president Fernando Collor, who, according to him, received a monthly allowance in the amount of R $ 18,000 reais not to publish any dissenting material to the group.

Difficult to know how the political system will react to this tsunami. The Brazilian political system is in the ICU and breathes through appliances. A government with a muddy base of support, with eight ministers in trouble with Operation Lava Jato, and now a president investigated for illegal audio recordings, in addition to reproaching his anti-republican behavior. On this horizon, there are no political actors with the public spirit and moral stature to negotiate an exit. Legislative houses are presided over by unreliable people, which would mean exchanging six by half a dozen, if one adopts the constitutional precepts which, when elaborated, certainly could not foresee such rot. In an assumption of a "Botafogo" buffer order, who, with the necessary qualifications, would assume an indirect election in the Legislature? Of course, he knows that the few good men in the House would not have a chance. It is known that anyone could qualify, but on the other hand, it is also known that this is a great illusion. The publisher of this blog and its readers would not have any chance.

We are, therefore, faced with a great political imbroglio, without a republican and democratic light at the end of the tunnel, except perhaps through a new election, as the voice of the streets suggests, calling for immediate elections. Direct elections yes, with the commitment to adopt a call of an exclusive constituent for a comprehensive reform of the political system. With these people there it is not possible to move forward in this direction. The country would have to take time for an indispensable political asepsis, which would rescue representative democracy within new parameters, preserve the constitutional principles of the Citizen Constitution promulgated in 1988; Ensure the full functioning of the Democratic Rule of Law; And, above all, to staunch this bloodletting of social rights that has always been the main purpose of this coup attempt. With the lowest dust, it is possible to understand a little better what packs the station of plim plim: one outside Temer, but with the same agenda. Make no mistake!

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