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Publisher: Indecente Dialogues in Jaburu

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Top political analysts have already come to the conclusion that the problem is now what will come after the demise of the Michel Temer government. A government with this profile, without the least moral stature, ethical and absolutely devoid of public spirit, would have no chance of asserting itself. After the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff - which had the support of powerful groups and the leniency of the judiciary - sociologist Sérgio Pinheiro (USP) coined a phrase that would be famous - and recurrent since then - informing that the country was Be governed by gangsters. We are now imagining the face of those Congressmen who promoted those hilarious scenes in the Chamber of Deputies, when the request for removal from the president was approved, and there began his ordeal. They called out that they were voting in the "yes, Mr. President," in the name of a moralization of the public thing. Have you already calculated the size of the nonsense?

The fact is that our political system - which has never been a great thing at all - this time has spiraled down, since, with very few exceptions, strategic and relevant political actors - capable of trying to build some consensus - are all caught up in investigations Of Operation Lava Jato. Some of these actors were, until very recently, armored by the unconcealed forces that devised the coup against President Dilma Rousseff. The bomb exploded in Brasília, not in Curitiba or Belo Horizonte, where these actors seemed to control the situation. This seems to have made some difference, causing the plim plim broadcaster to go in the "bump", by the absolute absence of some preparation before the unusual. Do not you think they have become Democrats and Constitutionalists. Sometimes, in politics, the circumstances can be decisive.

The Wesley brothers and Joesley Batista is what is called in police jargon, a kind of "bare wire," that is, that individual who, driven by the most different possibilities, end up "delivering" the game of banditry, helping the police to identify And compromise, in this case, the tricksters of the treasury. In the case of owners of the J & B group, certainly the motivation would be the advantages offered to the informers. No one could have imagined that this bare wire could be someone of such confidence as the establishment coup, with the prestige of being received at night in the Palace Jaburu, according to his conveniences, presenting himself as Mr. Ricardo, in an absolutely clandestine schedule, not compatible with The transparency of the actions of a President of the Republic.

In the official residence of the President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, the dialogues would be absolutely indecent, indecent, anti-Republican. More than that, it is characterized the illicit incongruent with the exercise of the public position exerted by Mr. Michel Temer, in the last analysis, a public agent, as the recorded videos would show, and later disclosed, all according to the combined with the judicial apparatus , Security and state control. The recordings of the Batista brothers caught some of the big fishes of the republic, who continued to operate in the rush, even in the face of the progress of the Lava Jato investigations, in evidence that we are still a long way from extirpating the country's structural corruption.

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