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Publisher: President of FUNAI is exonerated

O ex-presidente da Funai Antônio da Costa em entrevista coletiva em frente à sede da Funai, em Brasília (Foto: Gustavo Garcia, G1)

In other times, perhaps we should celebrate this news, but on these hot days, we should be very attentive about the motivations of these exemptions that are taking place in the government. Not long ago, the printing press that printed the Official Gazette worked double to publish, in Time, the exonerations of the patrons of the deputies who rebelled against the orientation of the government in the vote on the labor reform. When these deputies went to complain about these exonerations, they received a vote in response to the government and everything is resolved. If the Union Official Gazette worked so painstakingly to publish these exonerations in record time, why could not he do the same to accommodate the prodigal children who were returning to the warmth of the home? This was done because more physiologist than this base of government support is impossible.

Good times were those who were exonerated from public office because of poor procedure or even because their performance was below expectations. Especially in these times of institutional strife, it is convenient to be attentive, as I said, to the new possibilities of motivation. Another day, the Temer Government Civil House even tried to file a very respected doctor at the Ministry of Health. It was a way, perhaps, to flatten the criticism that so many ministers were getting caught up in the Lava Jet's troubles. Eliseu Padilha (PMDB) received a no-sound response. If the government wanted a remarkable one, then they already had the remarkable one of them, that is, the engineer and current Minister of Health, Ricardo Barros. There was no other alternative to the government other than the retreat of intentions and a good lesson to political analysts about how appointments are made for the occupation of positions in the public machine.

Currently, the National Foundation of the Indian goes through a gigantic emptying. There is a clamorous harassment about the rights of indigenous communities, as well as their lands. The budget of the organ fell significantly in this government - something around 44% - and even considered the appointment of a military man linked to the Military Dictatorship of 1964 to occupy the presidency of the organ. After a very negative repercussion, the government returned to the nomination, being chosen to preside over the organ Antonio Fernandes Toninho Costa, indicated by the PSC. He recently issued a statement stating that FUNAI had lost control over the management of land conflicts involving indigenous communities. There are no resources, no staff. This, of course, after the episodes involving Gamela Indians and farmers in Maranhão. Absence of State in Brazil is no longer new.

The strong hand of the State has only acted in the sense of cutting rights and expectations of rights, conquered with much struggle by the Brazilian people. The state no longer controls agrarian conflicts; No longer controls the high rates of urban violence; Completely lost control of the prison system. We are faced with a broken bloodletting of the state apparatus. But do not you think Antonio Fernandes would have been exonerated because of this statement. His head was asked to the Planalto by deputies of the PSC, including the leader of the government, André Moura, dissatisfied with the fact that they had indicated 25 names of patron saints to occupy positions in that organ and did not have their suit attended. As is often the case in the public machine, they would fall from a parachute into a technical body with very clear objectives. But as there are no limits to this package of transvestite evils of neoliberal reform - which ultimately seeks the dismantling of the welfare state - the worst is yet to come. It is being quoted to assume the direction of that organ an illustrious representative of the ruralist group. She's more of a fox to take care of the chicken coop.

Crédito da foto: Gustavo Garcia, do G1

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