sexta-feira, 26 de maio de 2017

Publisher: O massacre of Pau D'Árco

In a future that we hope will not be so far away, social scientists will be able to see, among the innumerable consequences of this institutional coup in the country, a resurgence of agrarian conflicts, with a significant increase in the number of deaths of rural workers. This last slaughter, which took place in the town of Pau D'Árco in the southeast of the State of Pará, reaped the lives of ten peasants, in a possible confrontation that has not been fully explained, since the arms presented as peasants lent themselves only to kill Birds, and some bodies were struck from behind, disfiguring the supposed confrontation. We do not yet have more precise information on the subject, but if gunshots are found on the back of the head, the confrontation scenario is completely ruled out.

One hypothesis that can be confirmed, however, without the need to be submitted to banking, is that these facts are directly related to this cloudy political moment that we are experiencing, with the strengthening of the slaveholding, agribusiness and, possibly, , Of the bullet. The institutional setback we are witnessing is frightening - such as the ban on the blacklisting of slave labor; The suspension of demarcations of quilombola lands; The scrapping of entities such as FUNAI; And a review of land considered as environmental reserves. The reasoning of these people is simple: Indian does not produce soy, Indian does not exploit hardwoods, does not breed cattle, does not produce energy. There is great greed about these lands. In the words of one of these grileiros with seat in the parliament, is much earth for little Indian. The logic of capital applies here. This is no surprise in a process of dismantling the welfare state.

Just as in the favelas and the Brazilian prison system - by the way, we were informed that one of our texts on the prison system was used with great success in a class of law course, last Wednesday - the murders in the countryside were Constitute a kind of chronicle of an announced death, according to the Pastoral of the Earth, linked to the Catholic Church. It is a structural problem, of a country that failed to carry out its agrarian reform. It should be noted here that even in the most progressive governments, we have made significant progress in this respect. Here is one of the capital reforms for the country, but interdicted by the strength and insensitivity of our slave elite.

As I said before, this curfew in the coup plot must be very well channeled by progressive forces, in order to return to the path of redemocratization. In desperation to stay in power, Michel Temer even beckons to possible allies who may become even more dangerous to the health of democracy, already fragile, than its former advisors and supporters, who continue to wane. It is advisable to construct these bridges with enough balance, including convincing him of the need for an immediate resignation, which would shorten the suffering of all Brazilians. Although he has remained irreducible so far, it is not possible that he does not realize that his permanence in power is becoming something unmanageable.

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