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Editorial: The conservative political upheaval araund Lula

Resultado de imagem para Renan e Lula

Under the circumstances in which it is being built, a possible candidacy of former President Lula reissues the same mistakes of a recent past, which may mean a not-so-significant advance of progressive camp forces. This movie we all already know the end. Another element that should not liven up the forces of the progressive camp are these ex-president's alvissareiras indices in the voter-intent surveys, as a natural result of their recall to the electorate, but that may lack "breath" in the final stretch, when Little even an ineligibility decreed by the Republic of Paraná, who wishes to hunt him down. In one of the editions of the Roda Viva Program, researcher Antonio Lavareda would have referred to this subject. In any case, Lula's leadership in polling stations - allied to the unpopularity of President Michel Temer and his supporters in the states - has provoked a kind of political tsunami that affects, mainly, politicians of the base of government support that they wish to elect Guaranteeing the privileged forum, avoiding more damage with the problems in which they are inserted in the course of the investigations of Operation Lava Jato. Experienced journalist Carlos Chagas has been able to count at least 200 of them. This is an expressive number.

Here in the province of Pernambuco, the good indexes of former president Lula has provoked a real political upheaval. There are already those who defend an alliance of the PSB with the PT; Anyone who considers a candidature of the Workers Party to the State Government in 2018; Anyone who points out that a composition of the PSB with Geraldo Alckmin would be a political suicide kept the current indexes of the toucan. There are countless assessments of this scenario, but the fact is that no one wishes to risk re-election, which could mean in some cases the loss of the privileged forum and the uncomfortable hearings with that judge of the 13th Federal Court of Justice from Curitiba. Former President Lula, for example, already has a hearing scheduled for May 3, when a major mobilization of PT militancy is expected, in what is being called a contingency plan, such as "we are going to invade your beach."

Still according to journalist Carlos Chagas, in a possible candidacy and later victory of Lula - anchored in this bad class conciliation - would result in the conclusion that we can not form great expectations of a future coalition government, perhaps even in one more Letter to the Brazilians, in the frigir of the eggs, a confession of capitulation. Much has been said at the time of the Petista Coalition Government that the PT has equipped the state, but we caution you to look more calmly at the topic, since our experience has indicated that conservative hosts have continued to occupy posts of relevance in the republic. The most serious: They did not even need to change the dress of Dianas de Pastoril. At an opportune moment, when the creep on the authentic PTPs was defined, everything was under the control of these forces, which completely undermined any outline of resistance. It is no use saying this to Lula because the tendency is for him to repeat all of this again, if he can be made a candidate.

Whoever has any familiarity with the study of the social imaginary knows an expression - or concept - attributed Gilbert Duran: semantic basin. There the French anthropologist, disciple of Michel Maffesoli, dissects how the radicals, in the course of time, transform into illustrious conservatives, assimilating the current status quo values. It was a bit like what happened with Lula and the PT that assimilated, including the bad customs of our political system, such as structural corruption. In these political circumstances, driven by a correlation of conservative forces, the flirtation with the social strata that occupy the ground floor of the social pyramid will always be conditioned by fragile and spurious political agreements, broken at any time, at the convenience of our elite, Most cruel of all, barley in 365 years of black submission to slavery, whose "inhaca" is still very much alive.

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