sábado, 1 de abril de 2017

Political Drops for Reflection: The ruin of Government Temer

"The fronts of reluctance to the Temer government can be observed in" strategic "places, that is, in those locus of power that can define their political destiny. I believe that this will not be for long, since their last breath must be given in the arena of fight, in the streets, fighting for their rights.There is no other alternative, and sooner or later the population will be awakened from this lethargy. A very high price for not believing in the possibility of some political backsliding in the country.We are accustomed very poorly to the simulacrum of democracy that we had.As the French sociologist Claude Leffort warned, a democracy that does not expand, tends to die of starvation. , Already asking readers for forgiveness for the digression, what we would like to emphasize is that the Temer Government begins to ruin itself in those sectors that helped it to rise up, so to speak Er. "

(José Luiz Gomes, political scientist, in an editorial published here on the blog)

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