terça-feira, 4 de abril de 2017

Political Drops for Reflection: The disregard of Our Elites for Democracy

"The above example is illustrative of how complicated this relationship is with the Brazilian elite, who has no respect for the principles of democracy. For them, democracy is far from being a game of uncertainty, as observed by Polish political scientist Adam Przeworski. They want to be always sure that their privileges will not be attained, that agrarian reform will not be done, that the occupants of the bottom floor of the social pyramid will continue in the slave quarters without the right to exercise their citizenship. We were like those boring boys of our childhoods, who, when they lost the game, broke up everything.the other day a researcher took care to analyze the mandates exercised and completed without any hardships in Brazilian republican history. When we take as true the version presented in the last book published on his memoirs of the presidency, written by the ex-president FHC, the mandate of Itamar Franco was by a thread, in what we could point to as an essay on the institutional coup that was to come, materialized against President Dilma Rousseff years later.

(José Luiz Gomes, political scientist, in an editorial published here on the blog)

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