domingo, 9 de abril de 2017

Editorial: Where do we walk with this right?

Maybe in time - and certainly with a lot of study, an activity that we are working hard on - we may, perhaps, understand what is happening with Brazilian society, in particular with our youth. Studies of behavior patterns of individuals or groups may help us to understand somewhat what is happening at this moment of political boiling, where conservative ideas of right - and even radical - again set the tone of the political scene. I read an excellent text by Professor Roberta Transpadini on the subject, where she traces the conditions that gave rise to the ascendancy of popular leaders in Latin America, like Evo Morales in Bolivia, Lula in Brazil, Hugo Chaves in Venezuela, Mojica, In Paraguay, Rafael Correia, in Ecuador, as well as Fernando Lugo, in Paraguay. This fact, Transpadini suggests, far from constituting an opportunity that these forces would have to create the conditions for long-term governments, through misunderstandings, allowed the conservative right-wing forces to react, using all possible expedients to regain the Political control of the continent. From the coup to direct elections, as happened in Argentina.

In Venezuela, Nicolau Maduro's government is being solemnly "undermined" by internal political forces, with external support, in order to regain political control of the country. In the country there is a tourniquet that involves several "fronts" to combat the Maduro Government, even with an intentional "shortage" process. "Political destabilization" is the best definition for what is happening in Venezuela today. These moments are the most "fertile" for the hatching of the fascist serpent's egg, loaded with intolerance, racism, violence, prejudice, and, of course, much mediocrity. I do not find another adjective to define some behavior or "positions" assumed by members of movements such as MBL, Come To the Street or Revolted Online, more precisely one of its leaders, Alderman Fernando Holiday. Not so long ago, he proposed that Black Consciousness Day, when a tribute to the black leader Zumbi do Palmares, be extinguished. Now he comes with the proposal to forcibly impose the program of the No-Party School in public schools in São Paulo, personally supervising the classroom routine, reissuing the surveillance society addressed by the French philosopher Michel Foucault.

This group threw the country into a great political quagmire, significantly compromising our already fragile political system. His last street mobilizations constituted a resounding failure of public, even with those appeals of always, that is, realized on a Sunday, in the border, certainly with some cold beers. The low consistency of these people is revealed in the smallest detail, beginning with the gross errors they make in the posters they expose to the public. I believe that in this last mobilization they were literally without agenda, or with a diffuse agenda, defending common positions among Brazilians - tod @ s - with the least decency: the fight against corruption in the country. Preferably, sirs, starting with the political agents who were led to power in this wave, which they supported, when the goal was to alienate the PT from power.

The cartoonist Quinho Ravelli, due to a charge on Federal Deputy Jair Bolsonaro (PSC-RJ) was hard attacked by social networks. He noted that the torpedoes addressed to him by the partisans of this citizen were devoid of any argument. Therefore, we decided not to publish a text that we had written addressed to our detractors by social networks, due to an editorial written about the same deputy, where we criticized some of his, say, "public pronouncements." It is a pity that our youth, who should be on the streets defending democratic institutions and the Democratic Rule of Law, let themselves be carried away by these "waves", driven by class rancor, by intolerance, at the service of the most vested interests.

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