domingo, 23 de abril de 2017

Political Drops for Reflection: The Right to Dissent

But this is not the most important thing for Brazilians. Worse dictatorships have survived the contempt of the international political community. I want to address here a more serious problem: the lack of legal certainty in our country for the exercise of adversarial proceedings. Be it local or national. That is, the right to supervise and oppose the appointment and the management of the chosen authorities, it is known by what means and with what interests. We can no longer criticize the administrative profile and the political history of final managers, without the risk of judicial interpellation. When it comes to accusations and reports broadcast by the mass media, the treatment is one. When it comes to citizens individually, the treatment is different. The climate of impunity and illegality that opened with the "parliamentary coup" apparently fueled the authoritarian, uncompromising disposition of certain politicians over critics. It is a right for anyone to disagree with the measures taken in relation to education, health, welfare, labor law, when it finds that these measures have long been consolidated rights, expectations of rights or social and labor rights. Moreover, when they are given to the mood of managers - poorly prepared for the portfolios that act, often, as mere prepositions of businessmen, economic groups or lobbies. As a citizen, educator or contributor and voter, everyone has the right to disagree, without suffering legal embarrassment or harassment of bailiffs, at the doors of their homes. Measures that assume the character of political intimidation in the face of the administrative disruption that has taken over the country. "

(Michel Zaidan Filho, professor of UFPE, in an article published here in the blog)

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