segunda-feira, 20 de março de 2017

Editorial: The meat is weak, the saint is strong.

The recent scandal of corruption disrupted by the Federal Police, which became known as "Operation Low Flesh", continues to be very badly affected, where public officials were corrupted to weaken the inspection of the good meat that comes to our tables. What is known is that meat with expired expiration date was released, in addition to the use of inputs such as cardboard and chemicals with high carcinogenic potential in sausages. The biggest slaughterhouses in the country would be involved in the scheme, which even spills over to a high authority of the Republic that, still in the position of Federal Deputy, "banked" the public office of the "great chief" in exchange for the armor of merchants of the product, In the electoral corners of its State of origin, Paraná.

Whoever accompanies the news of today has already been informed that the ruralist (boi) party came out in their defense, as would be expected. The problem, in fact, according to them, is the Federal Police, which fulfills its republican and constitutional mission, by pointing out misconceptions about the behavior of public agents, in collusion, often with private agents, as is the case. Every day the "impossibility" of a country that works with the signals exchanged becomes more evident, as we pointed out in our last editoral. This group was directly involved in the political fabrications that culminated in the removal of President Dilma Rousseff from power, in a plot known to everyone. A chess of corporate interests of the heaviest.

Brazil is one of the largest meat exporters in the world. Unless otherwise judged, the second exporting market for the product. The repercussions of this scandal have already begun to be translated into import vetoes of the Brazilian product, as already announced by the European Union, South Korea and China. For a while. In an attempt to put warm cloths on the subject, President Michel Temer decided to participate in a barbecue, with his guests, making a point of appearing in the photos savoring juicy pieces of picanha, supposedly of national origin. Those who understand a minimum of communication know that this is not a situation that can be reversed from day to night. One morning, a reporter from Recife, with no agenda to go on the air, invented a story of "hairy leg," which reached wide repercussions among the public. To this day, there are people who swear to have seen this "hairy leg", even The meat cardboard is not an invention or something planted.It was real.I, for example, have already dispensed the hamburger meat.

We are awaiting permission to publish an article by Professor Durval Muniz here on the blog. Very well written, the article addresses the significance of the popular inauguration of excerpts from the São Francisco Water Transposition Project, held this Sunday in Monteiro, Paraíba, with the presence of former presidents Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff . For political analysts, this is the official launch of Lula's candidacy for the presidential elections of 2018. Judging by the two inaugurations, Temer's and Lula's, there is no doubt that the latter was much more successful, with A large public presence effusively in favor of the former president. In his speech, Lula emphasizes that he wants to fight with his executioners in the streets and not in the courts, reinforcing the thesis of an application as a defense strategy. If the flesh is weak, as the Evangelicals say in sins, the saint is strong.

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