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Editorial: The list of Janot

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There are strong criticisms against the work of Operation Lava Jato, such as the one that points to a certain "selectivity" of its targets or the "not necessarily Republican" dirigism of its objectives. Under the broader and noble pretext of combating structural corruption in the country, in reality, Lava Jato, in the view of some of its critics, has served to anchor a network of maneuvers with the aim of composing the architecture Mounted to overthrow power president Dilma Rousseff. That is, the Lava Jet, in this sense, is a piece of coup d'état gear. In addition to the initial and natural expectations, there is a great concern about the names of politicians - from all levels and parties - who must be handed over to the STF by the Attorney General, Rodrigo Janot. There are those who claim that some feathered birds should not be listed for known reasons.

There are some political arrangements that must have shielded some actors in this process of institutional coup that the country has recently experienced. Even before Senator Romero Jucá (PMDB) said loud and clear that it was necessary to "stem the bleeding," it was known, in the limps, that whoever was directly involved in these tecimientos would certainly not go to the sacrifice. There is always a caveat that if Operation Lava Jet initially had clear and specific objectives in the course of its course and its troublesome hiatus, it would have advanced to a profoundly dangerous stage for a political class historically forged in Corruption that was not invented by the PT novices, although this does not exempt them from guilt or justify their gossip with public money. Specifically, Lava Jato's investigations would have elements to kill our political system if there was no reaction from that field to pull the brake on, with maneuvers aimed at changing the legislation that punishes the corruption of public men, As well as playing a spurious political chess, placing key positions and decisive pieces of his extreme confidence to protect the king and his subjects.

But in any case, the Lava Jato operation brings some important elements, such as the real lesson it gives us about how the country's corrupt gears work, involving state, political and private sector actors. As I said at other times, with all our respect for FGV colleagues, Lava Jato offers plenty of subsidies for their classes on public management issues. Yesterday, I was playing with a coworker on what would be the promotion criterion for these Odebrecht executives who worked in the Tips Department. I believe they were rewarded because of their ability to corrupt public officials. Have you thought? Curious is also to know how these people presented themselves in professional social networks or how they recorded this professional "experience" in their curricula. Do not doubt that this was a positive balance of Operation Lava Jato: to allow ordinary Brazilians to know in more depth how these gears work. Emílio Odebrecht, the group's patriarch, said that the contractor had in fact ruled the country in the last decades. One of the speakers reported that between 2006 and 2014 the contractor would have moved, through box two, the modest amount of R $ 10 billion. Never before in the history of a country called Brazil.

I do not believe, however, that the results of Operation Lava Jato, can pass this country clean in the question of corruption. If, coupled with this operation that strips the dynamics of the web of corruption that surrounds our political system, no other equally important measures are taken - such as political reform, for example with clear rules on campaign funding - it is almost certain that Continue to have a survival. The country will remain "unfeasible" and our democracy will continue to be a great misunderstanding, as the historian Sérgio Buarque de Holanda affirmed. The thing is so complex that yesterday's ministers turned Senator Valdir Raupp (PMDB) into a defendant on the suspicion that even the money running "inside" was the result of irregular tricks.

It is already foreseen, for example, that President Michel Temer (PMDB) will not be bothered by the TSE, adopting that same logic of special political circumstances, even knowing the robust evidence against it, listed in the awards awards of executives of the Odebrecht. The executive hearings deny in depth the notes from the Planalto Palace that the Odebrecht contractor's donations followed all the legal procedures, according to what determined the electoral legislation in this regard. Speaking of Robust, the list of prosecutor Rodrigo Janot should be well filled, with about 170 politicians involved, 900 testimonials, 77 awards, 2 years of operation, 2

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