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La dolce vita in the presidential palaces

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Another day we made a provocation around here. The idea would be to bring together the unrepresentative - and perhaps funny - expressions in these public bids to supply the pantries of presidential palaces. Too bad folklorists like Mário Souto Maior or Câmara Cascudo have not thought of that. An even greater problem is that they have left this plan, today devoting themselves to folklorizing the things that happen up there. It was enough to launch the proposal and we were sent some emails dealing specifically with this subject. As noted by the Alagoan writer Graciliano Ramos, in his famous reports as mayor of the city of Palmeira dos Índios, unfortunately, much more than funny, these pranks look even against the public interest.

These bids for the purchase of food to supply the pantries of government palaces are always controversial. We have already suggested that the new folklorists - since the ancients left us, as in the case of Câmara Cascudo and Mário Souto Maior - would be attentive to the items purchased there, as well as their quantities, as there would certainly be cloths for the sleeves to His writings. In one of these bids, here in the state of Paraíba, tons of nest milk and milk meal were tendered for consumption in just one year. There was a sweet baby at Granja Santana. Not long ago, the Government of the State of Ceará also carried out its purchases, including among its items even the fillet of a fish that is in extinction: the Serigado. Of course the Serigado was on the list of a list that included hundreds of pound of frank village shrimp - gray is poor thing - besides the traditional lobster fillet. Note that the seafood is never left out of these lists.

Here in Pernambuco, these tenders also generated some headaches for the rulers, especially for the Government Paulo Câmara (PSB), when he decided to open a tender for the purchase of wreaths, in an expressive number, for a certain period. With public finances already weakened, the unusual bidding would gain a huge impact in the press and social networks. There are many complaints about this, but, strictly speaking, the gastronomic repertoire of the elite is not expected to suffer any burden of conscience and "lower the level." Even in these moments of extreme crisis. Until recently, to receive the parliamentarians in the Planalto Palace, the Government of Mr. Michel Temer did not spare the canapés, leaving them so satisfied that everything went smoothly in the voting of PEC 241 - later PEC 55 -. They marveled, while the workers and wage earners would not be so lucky.

One of his ministers, on the other hand, although he was already receiving his diaries, which are also destined for this purpose, he opened a tender for the purchase of the famous snacks, prepared with caprese salads, naturally prepared with milk of buffalo. The curious is not it. In addition to the exorbitant prices of these "snacks", there was an observation in the bidding that they would be destined to "improve the performance" of the minister. Here for us, by its last pronouncements, I have the impression that the goal has not been reached.

Proof that the stomach of the elite is very sensitive - even in a bad economic crisis like this we are going through - is the new bid to supply the pantry of the presidential plane, estimated between food and services, at something around R $ 1,748 653.20. One of the most curious items on the list is the purchase of 500 units of the Häagen-Dazs ice cream, at a cost of R $ 7,545.00, in addition to popsicles produced without lactose. I do not want to be rude, but I would advise the men of the presidential office of the Presidency of the Republic, especially in these moments of crisis, to pay attention to other less sophisticated ice cream - better quality - such as Bacanas, produced here in our neighborhood of Casa Caiada, in Olinda.

P.S.:Political Response: After the negative repercussion, the bidding would have been canceled, by determination of the own president Michel Temer.

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