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Odebrecht's nebulous structured works department


At the end of this year, an attentive reader would be impressed by the political signs that indicate what should happen in 2017. I do not want to be pessimistic, but these signs do not indicate a good political moment for next year. In addition, the black smoke also reaches some neuralgic points, as the erosion of social and political rights conquered in the last decades, allied to an economic recession of gigantic proportions. Let it go 2016, but there is no light at the end of the tunnel of 2017. Unfortunately. Today, the 28th, the PT marketer, João Santana, once again gained space in social networks. João has been relatively well treated by that judge of Paraná who presides over the investigations of Operation Lava Jato. There must be some reason for this, and the more likely it is that in his award-winning demarcation, which has already been negotiated, he may compromise Petit leaders, the great object of this set of forces. It is regrettable that one of the mistakes of the PT has been this association with the structural corruption of the country, but it is not hard to remember that the party did not invent it.

In a country such as ours, where the wrongdoing is the norm, a construction company like Odebrecht maintained a specialized department of the company just to take care of tips to politicians. It had a pompous name, but in fact, if we could sum it up, it was a tip department: Odebrecht's Structured Works Department. We were very curious to know how the director of this department recorded this "professional experience" in his curriculum or, perhaps, how he presented himself to the followers in a social network like Linkedin. That's funny, no. How would good business management manuals address your professional growth? This is only true in Brazil.

In that department, people are treated by nickname, which leads the Federal Police, for example, to make a lot of confusion in identifying the characters. The term "acarajé", for example, certainly, he concludes, refers to some politician or a well-known Bahia marketer. Here in Pernambuco there was one known as "viagra". I never quite understood why. As is well known, Brazil is Brazil and has its idiosyncrasies there. In his award-winning presentation, Cláudio Melo, a former director of the construction company, delivered a truckload of politicians and a bunch of parties involved in some wrongdoing, whether in their elections or in the management of the public machine. There were no less than 51 politicians and 11 parties, including Temer himself and his close assistants, such as Ministers José Serra, Moreira Franco and Eliseu Padilha. After this bomb, speculations began around the legal filagranas around this award-winning demarcation, in a maneuver more than explicit in the sense of not rejecting it or not approving it, perhaps claiming some undue leakage to the press. Gilmar Mendes himself, who speaks by the elbows, has already pronounced - always outside the records - in this respect.

If we were in a serious country, the government would most likely fall. The point is that we are not in a serious country. In our modest understanding, the chances of this group leaving power are few. It is almost certain, then, that a way is set so that these big cats of the treasury are spared. More denunciations have surfaced today involving the government leader in the upper house, Romero Jucá, who is already dirtier than chicken coop. The funniest of all is that in this huge list presented by Cláudio Melo, where President Temer is quoted 48 times, the name of former President Dilma Rousseff does not appear at any moment, in further unequivocal evidence that his Was taken for excuses, without legal support. Worse, by a group of political actors who are leading the country to a mudslide unprecedented in its history. An institutional jabuticaba where one does not see an exit through the democratic and consensual way. Unfortunately. Moreover, democracy does not seem to be very adequate to the neoliberal arrangement currently underway in the country, which is advancing on rights, social and political achievements with an impressive voracity.

The patriarch of the Odebrecht group, Emílio Odebrecht, is right, saying he had ruled the country for decades. In one of his inspired editorials published in Le Monde Diplomatique, the editorialist Sílvio Caccia Bava called for the extinction of an axiom, which of democracy was the government of the people, by the people and for the people. This axiom would have been replaced by corporate governance, corporations, and corporations, especially financial corporations. These corporations came to have a state control. Judging by the length of time that Construtora Odebrecht operates in the country, it seems that this has always been the case, and if it depends on our elite, it will always be so.

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