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Greenpeace documenta destruição ambiental na Indonésia

greenpeace has released photos* taken february 23 and 24, 2014 in central kalimantan province on indonesia’s borneo island, site to some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet, which show the destruction of rainforest that is home to endangered tigers and orangutans. there has already been an 80 percent loss of habitat in the last twenty years.
greenpeace has laid blame at the feet of procter and gamble, who knowingly purchase palm oil from those who extract it from palm tree plantations grown on the razed land (last photo). the palm oil is used in such products as crest toothpaste, head and shoulders and pantene shampoo, christina aguilera perfume, clairol and cover girl make up and gillette shaving gel.
"the maker of head & shoulders needs to stop bringing rainforest destruction into our showers. it must clean up its act and guarantee its customers that these products are forest friendly," said bustar maitar, head of the indonesian forest campaign at greenpeace international. these sentiments are echoed in a greenpeace media campaign targetting procter and gamble.
indonesia is home to approximately three percent of the world’s forests, which are part of a ring of forests along the equator known as the lungs of the world. yet deforestation in indonesia represents over a third of the total global carbon emissions from deforestation and land degradation.
*greenpeace photos by bay ismoyo and ulet ifansasti. first photo by hardi baktiantoroin borneo.

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